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Casting Munch

It is an established casting platform for Entertainment Industry related to Advertisements, Films and Web-series..

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Casting Munch

It is an established casting platform for Entertainment Industry related to Advertisements, Films and Web-series. Casting Munch Provides online casting services to Casting Companies, Casting Agencies, Casting Coordinators and In house Casting Teams to smoothly operate their casting process and helps them to connect with talents online, which helps to save time and efforts.

Our office is based in Mumbai. Our team works efficiently to provide necessary support to all the departments.

We Understand the importance of time management and work-flow therefore we provide necessary functions to perform, which help companies to complete the projects easily without stress of physical auditions.

Our aim is to provide best services to Casting Companies and Talents, helps them to connect on a single platform Casting Munch. In this Digital Era, where everything is on finger tips Casting Munch introduces this platform to make Casting Process as Simplified as possible.

We at Casting Munch believes that every talent who is looking for an opportunity needs to use this platform, this gives them easy and In hand process to access the opportunities without roaming or struggling around to check for auditions and spending money for the same. Casting Munch provides them genuine audition updates matching with their profile without spending a penny, saves their valuable Time, Costs and Efforts which they can utilize in working on their craft.

Benefits For

Casting Companies

Saves time in searching for talent based on Gender, Age, location, Ethnicity, skills etc.

Now no need to call each talent to know their availability, Availability Calendar can filter and shows list of talents those are available on shoot dates.

Casting Munch provides Talent Panel for casting companies which helps them to find the right requirement in minutes, companies can Search, Filter, Select talents who fits and also can send them audition message, studio address or self-audition message in one go, can chat with them in a chat panel, send scripts and ref. audition tapes, receive auditions, send shortlist or lock message in a bulk.

Now your data is secured on cloud and it is accessible from anywhere you go. No need to face storage issues in laptop, WhatsApp or phone storage. No headache of checking emails texts and calls.

Casting Munch makes it easy to view talent's profile including Photos, Introduction videos, Self-Audition video links, skills etc. anytime from anywhere.

Benefits For


Saves Time Money and Efforts in travelling to search for auditions.

An artist can send their profile to multiple casting directors at the same time. Whenever an artist update their profile the same will be displayed to the casting companies, means an artist don't need to send the updated profile again and again to the same talent companies.

An artist don't need to pay a single penny to use the platform.

Now a days an artist gets a lot of fake requirements sometimes people also charge money to provide roles and sometimes irrelevant requirements, but on Casting Munch an artist only get requirements from genuine casting directors and agencies which fits their profile - Gender, Age, Skills.

Now you don't need to worry about whether casting directors notice / checks your profile or not because on Casting Munch you'll be definitely seen to them if your profile fits the requirement.

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It's easier than you think. Follow 3 simple easy steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

What are the benefits of Using Casting Munch?

Casting Munch saves a lot of time to find the right talent through filters and sorted data, Company can mark Talents and send them Script, Voice Notes and Ref. Video together with a single click. Talent's Profile Intros and availability can be seen 24x7 by companies.

How does it saves our time?

Casting Munch provides Unique Filter Features, which helps to find the right talent easily. Multiple Projects can be done at the same time using Casting Munch Web Platform.

How we get data privacy?

Data is stored on Cloud storage just like mails and other web services. Company gives full data privacy on Casting Munch Platform. Every company will have their own database.

How Casting Munch is different from other Web Casting Portals?

Casting Munch doesn’t work like any other web services, this platform gives Casting Companies their own personal account where people sends them profiles on company’s user id, this means every company will have their own data just like they have right now. But on this platform the data will be in a systematic way with many features like Smart Filters, Send Auditions, Check Availability, Export Data, and Post Requirements etc.

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