What are the benefits of Using Casting Munch?

Casting Munch saves a lot of time to find the right talent through filters and sorted data, Company can mark Talents and send them Script, Voice Notes and Ref. Video together with a single click. Talent’s Profile Intros and availability can be seen 24x7.

How does it saves our time?

Casting Munch provides Unique Filter Features, which helps to find the right talent easily. Multiple Projects can be done at the same time using Casting Munch Web Platform.

How we get data privacy?

Data is stored on Cloud storage just like mails and other web services. Company gives full data privacy on Casting Munch Platform. Every company will have their own database.

How Casting Munch is different from other Web Casting Portals?

Casting Munch doesn’t work like any other web services, this platform gives Casting Companies their own personal account where people sends them profiles on company’s user id, this means every company will have their own data just like they have right now. But on this platform the data will be in a systematic way with many features like Smart Filters, Send Auditions, Check Availability, Export Data, and Post Requirements etc.

Can anyone use Casting Munch?

Only Casting Companies and Casting People with previous work in Casting will be able to use the Platform. Casting Munch verifies the company and their previous work and then allows them to use the platform.

Is there any charges to use the platform?

Right now the platform is free for casting companies.

How can I verify my company if my company is new?

Criteria for registering on CM is

> You can find the Criteria and other terms by clicking on Register Button