Refund Policy

1. General
2. Definitions
3. Refund Rules
4. Order not confirmed but amount deducted
5. Exceptions
6. Shipping Cost
7. Your Data
8. Response Time
9. Refusal of Return or Refund Request
10. Contact Us


a. This website with the URL of ("Website/Site") and Mobile Application with the name of Casting Munch is operated by CASTING MUNCH LLP ("We/Our/Us").

b. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality Services. However, on rare occasions, Services may be found to be Inefficient. In such cases, We do not offer any return or refund facilities in accordance with this Refund Policy ("Policy").

c. You are advised to read Our Terms and Conditions along with this Policy.

d. By using this website and mobile application, You agree to be bound by the terms contained in this Policy without modification. If You do not agree to the terms contained in this Policy, You are advised not to transact on this website and mobile application.

e. We do not offer any refund for the eligible Services unless it falls in exceptional category.

f. Please read this Policy before making a purchase on this Website or Mobile Application, so that You understand Your rights as well as what You can expect from Us if You are not happy with Your purchase.


a. "Business Days" - means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, or bank holiday in India or in the state where our office is located.

b. "Customer" "You"- means a person who buys any goods or availing services for consideration but does not include a person who purchases such goods or avail services to resell them.

c. "Date of Transaction" - means the date of purchase of any product or service, which includes the date of any renewal processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable product or service agreement.

d. "Website" - means this website with the URL and/or Under Domain of:

e. “Mobile Application” – means this mobile application which is available on Play Store and App Store with the name of Casting Munch.


a. Every effort is made so as to service the orders placed, as per the specifications and timelines mentioned with respect to Services. If due to any unforeseen circumstances or limitations from Our side, the service is not provided then such order stands cancelled, and the amount paid by You is refunded.

b. We will not process any refund if You have placed the order for the wrong service.

c. When you make a qualifying refund request, We may refund the full amount, less any additional cost incurred by Us in providing such services.

d. Refund shall only be considered once the Customer concerned produces relevant documents and proof.

e. Once qualified, the refunds are applied to the original payment option.

f. The request for a refund of services can be made in the following manner:

> Please write Us at [email protected]

> One of our executive will be in touch with You within 3 to 7 business days.


a. If the amount has been deducted and the order is not confirmed, please do contact Your respective bank. It takes 7 (seven) Business Days to reverse back the amount by the respective bank.

b. If the issue has not been resolved within 7 (seven) Business Days, you can contact Our customer care support as follows: +91-9769787927. Or write Us at [email protected]


a. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Policy, We may refuse to provide refund for a service if:

> You knew or were made aware of the problem(s) with the service before you availed it.

> Free Services.

> Refund request is placed after using the service and/or after 3days of purchasing the service.

> The service purchased is though promotional (discounts, giveaways or coupon code etc.)

b. Apart from the above, the following exemptions are applicable when it comes to the refund:

> Refund will not be provided if You made a purchase by mistakenly.

> Refund will not be provided if You made a purchase for someone else.


a. In case of Refund, If You are liable for the refund – The refund may be provided after deducting the transactional charges/fees occurred to Us(paid by the Company/Us to third-party/parties) while purchasing that particular service by You.


a. The privacy of your data supplied to Us during the return and refund procedure is also governed by our privacy policy.


a. Refunds are normally processed within 8 Business Days after checking the veracity of the refund request.
b. The period of refund may also depend on various banking and payment channels, and We will not be liable for any errors or delays in a refund due to banks or third-party service providers.


We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any request for a refund if such request is not in compliance with this Policy or applicable laws.


For any feedback, concern, or query, You may please reach out to Us on the contact or through email address details below

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Customer Care: +91-9769787927.